We Have The Stupidest People In Government In History


The Biden Administration’s stupidity mandating that these within the navy undergo this nugatory experiment MRNA vaccine or be dishonorably discharged has resulted in not only a scarcity of pilots. Nonetheless, there was a dramatic enhance in coronary heart issues amongst those that surrendered their human rights and took the vaccine. Coronary heart issues have skyrocketed, and so as to add to this madness, now this braindead authorities is providing as much as $600,000 in bonuses to maintain pilots. You possibly can’t make up these items.  My very own lawyer, who took the shot so he may journey, ended up with the blood clots and now can not fly. Pfizer needs to be shut down, and the top needs to be in jail for treason and manslaughter, however our fantastic “representatives” solely symbolize themselves and can NEVER admit they handed such decrees on the order of Schwab’s WEF. They’ve certainly fulfilled our mannequin and its forecast for the collapse of “consultant” types of governments post-2032.



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