HE’S SHOT: Biden Rambles Incoherently About Prescription Drug Costs (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on his administration’s progress to so-call ‘decrease’ prescription drug prices.

Biden incoherently rambled about prescription drug costs.

“…These good scientists to exit and discover cures, discover solutions to drug issues — to medicine for the usage of medicine for well being issues,” Biden mentioned.

And the Democrat occasion is working this man in 2024!


Biden slurred his phrases as he spoke about contracts for brand spanking new Covid vaccines.

A really small p.c of Individuals are nonetheless getting their ‘up to date’ Covid vaccines, however the Biden Regime is losing cash on the jabs.

“We’re already begun to safe truthful pricing clauses and contracts for brand spanking new COVID vaccines. Three new COVID vaccines!” Biden slurred.


“I wanna thank my, uh, my introdu — my introducer…” Biden mentioned.

81 million votes.


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