German Health Minister Said We Need To Boost Healthcare In Case Of “military Conflict”

I’ve been reporting that it’s the West that wishes battle as a result of the monetary system is collapsing. They’re reaching the purpose the place they know that the are quickly approaching the purpose of collapse which HISTORICALLY all the time takes place when governments run these Ponzi Schemes the place they NEVER intend to repay what they borrow, so that they consistently concern new debt to retire the previous. That is the failure of Marxism, the place they all the time spend greater than what they’ve after which blame us.

Monopoly Pass Go

The German Minister of Well being says they need to broaden the healthcare system to cope with a future pandemic or extra seemingly World Battle III. However they intend to default on all excellent money owed. The CBDCs would be the new foreign money, and so they get to restart the whole lot and gather $200 for passing GO.

Zelenskyy Johnson


This battle would have been over in six weeks. Either side agreed in Istanbul, after which Boris Johnson was informed to hop on a aircraft and kill any peace deal. Since then, over 500,000 Ukrainians are lifeless and round 8 million have fled the nation.

There may be NOBODY among the many leaders of the faux Free World who cares concerning the folks. They need battle in any respect prices, and they’ll get it. They’ve their bunkers and pray that fifty% of the inhabitants shall be eradicated to allow them to attain their fictional CO2 targets.

US China GDP Bifurcation 3 1 24

Our fashions all say the West loses. It is a straight-up chart of US GDP minus China GDP. The height within the US economic system over China passed off in 2006. Even our Chaos Fashions predict that Chine will turn out to be the most important financial and army energy. We’re in Crash Mode. So whereas the Neocons persuade themselves that they will defeat everybody on the earth, there’s no one warming – WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG!

Goring Herman on War

As Goring stated, when requested how they received the German folks to help Hitler. He defined that’s the straightforward half. They’re doing this to us now. They demonize whoever is their opponent, from Trump to Putin. They do that to get smucks keen to die on a battlefield far-off telling them they’re defending liberty when the USA has extra folks in jail that China or Russia and that’s saying one thing when we’ve 300 million and China has 1.5 billion. You could have a 500% larger probability of imprisonment within the USA than in China.  Now, they’ve armed IRS brokers and given them $60 billion to harrass the folks as a result of they PRESUME everybody cheats and so they suppose folks solely pay 85% of what they actually owe. They anticipate to gather virtually $500 billion with all of those brokers who’re free to imprison you and even shoot your ass.


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