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Proponents of the First Modification and free speech revere Elon Musk as a hero for allowing distinguished conservatives to make use of X/Twitter amid an environment of sweeping censorship and unprecedented lawfare waged by the Deep State to crush dissent.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Musk reinstated Alex Jones’ X account early Sunday morning after a 7-year ban from the social media platform previously often known as Twitter.

On Saturday, the billionaire, who can also be the CEO of Neuralink, Tesla Motors and Area X, printed a ballot asking customers whether or not Jones’ account must be reinstated. Practically two million X customers responded with over 70 p.c voting in favor of Jones’ return.

“The individuals have spoken and so it shall be,” Musk wrote in a response to the ballot.

Hours later, the Infowars founder’s account was reactivated.

Musk, a self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist,” introduced Jones is welcomed again to the platform however affirmed there are nonetheless parameters on speech, warning, “He can’t break the legislation.”

Jones subsequently retweeted a video selling the Alex Jones recreation in his first submit on the platform since Sept. 6, 2018.

Musk’s choice to revive Jones’ account got here two days after the Infowars founder joined former Fox Information host Tucker Carlson in an intensive interview addressing a variety of points, together with  9/11, “deplatforming,” “depopulation” and the New World Order.

Whereas discussing the globalist effort to dramatically scale back the world’s inhabitants, Jones revered Musk as a “hero.”

“That is actually draconian — this globalist ‘Nice Reset,’ New World Order takeover, the post-industrial world: minimize off the assets, 90 p.c forest depopulation, breaking civilization by design, huge wars, famine. They’ve already minimize off a 3rd of the fertilizer within the final 12 months worldwide. It’s estimated it should kill a pair hundred million individuals. The lockdowns worldwide, not the virus, the UN admits it killed 80-something million individuals within the final three and a half years,” Jones mentioned.

“They wish to carry the world inhabitants all the way down to 500 million,” he continued. “We’re informed now, ‘Don’t have kids, it’s dangerous for the Earth.’ We’re informed all this and Elon Musk is true and is a hero for declaring all of the actuary reveals.”

Earlier than he acquired Twitter, Musk was glorified by the mainstream as “The Most Badass CEO In America” and a pop-cultural icon. The tech mogul is reportedly the richest individual within the historical past of the world with an estimated $256 billion fortune.

Musk was then reviled by the company press and praised by the appropriate after shopping for Twitter and expressing frequent sense, average, elementary viewpoints revolted by the far left.

Whereas heralded for returning some semblance of free speech to conservatives on social media, Musk’s transhumanist pursuits proceed to lift alarm.

In response to Musk’s announcement of Jones’ return to X/Twitter, journalist David Icke, Jones’ longtime ally, warned Musk stays beholden to the globalists and is opportunistically permitting free speech to be fostered on his platform to an extent solely to garner extra energy and recognition.

Icke maintains Musk is performing as a “new Mainstream Various Media God” who took pleasure in individuals begging him to reinstate Jones and that anybody championing the billionaire as a “hero” is “being had.”

“In fact, Alex Jones is again on Twitter/X. As I’ve been writing right here, the ‘ballot’ and ready for God Elon’s pronouncement has all been a GAME to hijack your notion and that of the Mainstream Various Media (MAM),” Icke wrote:

You’re being had, individuals, however most won’t ever get that. They solely see what’s in entrance of their eyes, not what’s weaved by way of what they suppose they see. The choice was made a very long time in the past and the Carlson interview with Jones was simply the calculated prelude to it.

The interview was the setup for what was lengthy deliberate. Musk might have merely achieved this way back, however the ritual needed to be performed out to each eulogize Musk, the brand new MAM God, and to place Alex Jones middle stage as a logo of the Mainstream Various Media alongside Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Tate, Peterson, Model, Vlaardingerbroek, and all the remainder.

They could every have helpful issues to say about some ‘dots’ however they stand as a collective blockade to the deep ranges of the rabbit gap inside which their ‘dots’ are mere signs, not the trigger.

These at the moment are the MAMMIES of the New Mainstream Various Media, with Musk at its summit decreeing what’s and handled as a God whereas fronting up corporations, SpaceX, Neuralink, Tesla, and so forth, which are important to the Cult agenda that the MAMMIES declare to oppose.

The place is the query of how somebody will be formally the richest man on the earth whereas opposing the Cult with out whose help his enterprise empire would collapse in a day?

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thanks, sir!’ The place is the query about why governments which are purported to hate Musk’s ‘free speech’ would go on handing over the taxpayer subsidies on which his empire relies upon?

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thanks, sir!’ The place is the query of why the Cult, by way of its Deep State, which managed Twitter and what may very well be posted, would instantly promote it to ‘free speech absolutist’ Musk who, because of this, has change into the God of the very various media the Cult must direct and management so it goes right here and no additional?

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thanks, sir!’ The place is the query in regards to the occult significance of Musk’s obsession with the letter ‘X’ and his plan for X to change into the worldwide App for every part?

‘Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thanks, sir!’ The REAL various media that has no ‘right here and no additional’ is thus marginalized by comparability, as deliberate, however we’re nonetheless right here and nonetheless pursuing the depths of reality the place the MAMMIES refuse to go.

Cue abuse from the MAMMY believers, however they’ll see.

Or possibly, blinded by the sunshine of the Elon God, they received’t.

As TGP has reported, Musk is endeavoring to spearhead a transhumanism evolution.

Neuralink, Musk’s neurotechnology firm, is growing mind implants to permit people to speak with machines by thought.

Neuralink initiated Musk’s try to merge people with machines by implanting synthetic intelligence microchips within the brains of monkeys.

In Sept. 2022, the College of California Davis reportedly obtained 371 images associated to the animals killed throughout Neuralink’s experiments to implant mind chips.

Regardless of the animals who have been killed throughout the trial, Neuralink then started clinical trials to implant people with mind chips that talk with exterior units.

Infowars reporter Greg Reese has exposed Musk’s rise to changing into a multi-billionaire and his plans to place pc chips in human brains “in order that we are able to merge with synthetic intelligence.”


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