Coins For Sale – About 1,000 Will Be Available



We apologize that the shop had technical errors and lots of didn’t get an opportunity to purchase any. We do have extra Victorinus and Postunums cash and several other hundred 4th century bronze numis of the Constantine period and later. These we’ll put in packets of 5 cash un-attributed for $50 that if you need to offer to a toddler or grandchild they will examine to see who issued every coin themselves. It could be a little bit of a sport for them in the event that they knew use the web.

We can have the programmers have a look at the shop on Monday and repair the issue. We even have cash of Claudius II Gothicus (268-270AD) and several other emperors thereafter into the reign of Diocletian. In all, we in all probability have about 1,000 cash from these hoards that will probably be out there.

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