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Chris Cuomo was shaken after watching a 47-minute movie launched by the Israeli army documenting the savagery of Hamas terrorists.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas slaughtered 1,400 Israelis and foreigners in a shock assault on civilians in southern Israel, taking not less than 240 Jews and foreigners hostage.

The barbarians targeted a concert the place they murdered over 200 younger adults in addition to attacking innocents on a beach in Israel.

Thursday was a really heavy day for me and a few of my staff members who went to the Israeli consulate to observe a few of the footage and pictures collected from the Hamas bloodbath carried out on Oct. 7 in Israel.

The 47-minute movie from the Israeli army compiles footage from that day, a few of which could be discovered on-line. However much more than I anticipated was new to me, and I consider individuals must see it.

I spotted one thing that I had missed earlier than that took me instantly and deeply right into a previous trauma: the precise feeling I had once I realized why 9/11 occurred. Terrorists focused the dual towers and Washington, D.C., to take out the nice symbols that symbolize America.

The tactic was not insanity — they had been sane however simply evil. The tactic was a message. Their unholy efforts triggered what America feared most: Terrorists robbing us of who and what we’re about at house. And so, they bought what they requested for — the wrath of a individuals united in widespread worry and concern that it’s us or it’s them. Existential.

We went after those that took credit score the place we might discover them and used warplanes and drones and missiles and each sort of weapon and warrior we have now to kill lively enemies, those that hid, the complicit, the sympathetic and typically, even typically at factors, the harmless.

If there had been social media then, I don’t know the way public opinion at house would have been completely different, however the truth that they hit us the place it harm is what mattered most.

I now know that’s precisely the message Hamas despatched, on objective, at scale. I used to be not conscious of that earlier than. They did it methodically. You hear it within the voices, the instructions, the benefit and pleasure of discovering and mutilating victims. Being advised, “Allow them to play with it.”

Merely murdering innocents was the least of it. They loved mutilating and went again and celebrated within the streets with heads and bloody corpses as trophies. This was absolute genocide. That may be a phrase that persons are misapplying, and that is the place it does apply.

Much more essential to the terrorists apparently was what they left behind: Charred reminders of a Holocaust, the plain need to see as many Jews completely destroyed as attainable. There have been lifeless ladies with bloody groins and twisted, disfigured legs that the Israel Protection Forces says are a part of a sample of rape and torture.

The 47 minutes present a small fraction of the lifeless, but it surely makes it very clear that Hamas wished conflict. This was not the irrepressible angst of the determined who need freedom, who need higher, nor actually need something approximating peace. They wished the Jews to know that they need them to burn — once more.

I now perceive higher what’s fueling Israel. This isn’t tit-for-tat. They’re fueled by the deepest fears of genocide as a result of these fears are actual.

I’m not attempting to erase or in any approach mitigate the large loss of life toll of civilians in Gaza or diminish the plain want for the violence to cease. If something, after seeing the video, there’s an elevated urgency to keep away from what might nonetheless come as a result of this might get a lot worse.

Nonetheless, it’s straightforward to say cease, however it is extremely exhausting to say how. Why?

As a result of seeing what the phobia group accountable for Gaza did to the Jews and has promised to do once more, how does Israel threat being weak to those that don’t honor agreements and have made it very clear they don’t need peace? They wish to burn and kill the Jews.

On the suggestion to bomb much less and use commandos: How does that not counsel to Israel that they’ve to do that in a approach that Hamas can kill extra of them and cut back their benefit? Cease bombing so assist will get in — will Hamas permit it in? They’ve a historical past of doing the other.

It isn’t about numbers. It’s about Israel being proven its worst fears could be realized as a result of they had been.

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