Black Hair Shampoo Natural Herbal Faster
Black Hair Shampoo Natural Herbal Faster
Black Hair Shampoo Natural Herbal Faster
Black Hair Shampoo Natural Herbal Faster

Black Hair Shampoo Natural Herbal Faster

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Product Description
Visualsource Natural balak shampoo can cover the white hair, dry hair ,and yellow hair,which helps you

to have an ideal of black hair .It helps strengthen and nourish the hair and hair

root,has a remarkable effect on delaying the hair aging. Extraction of variety of

plants nutrients and makes the hair healthier.

Please read the guide steps before using this product
Before use:do not wash the hair before use the natural balck shampoo;if yhou have been

used hair styling products,such as hair oils,metal powder,etc.then you can wash the hair on

the previous day .If you wash the hair on the same day,please do not scratch the scalp

and completely dry your hair before use this product.

1.Wear suitable disposable gloves to operate the natural balck shampoo squeeze the

shampoo into the container and mix well; 2. Massage hair well for 5 minitues until

the shampoo is evenly spread out on scalp; 3.Stat for 10 mniutes (if you want the effect is

remarkable and the color more durable );4.Rinse well with clean warm water.


Deionized water ,Fatty alcohol ether sodiun sulfate,Fatty alcohol ammonium sulfate, DETA-

2Na,JOJOBA oil ,sodium fulfite,Prepanediol ,Two benzene amine,Benzenediol,Monoethanolamine,

lanolin,Amino acid moisturizer,Volatile oil , Lycine, Alkyl glycoside.

1.Always do an allergy test 48 hours before to ensure a reaction does not occur; 2.Please

wear suitable disposabel gloves during using this product; 3.If the scalp injured

,inflammation,or swelling ,please do not use the product; 4.If product gets into

eyes,rinse immediately with plenty of clean water; 5. Follow the guide steps for use ; 6.

Keep product out of the rech of children .Do not apply on children .Pregnat woman is

forbidden in using this product; 7.Store in cool ,dry place ,avoid sunlight.

Produts infomation:

Package : 8.7*6.5*18cm ;
weight: Gross weight 300 G, one pack[25ML] is 26 g
including :10 small packs [25 ML] ,and the gloves.